5 Tips on How to Make your Spray Tan Last Longer

Are you ready?

You are about to be revealed ultra classified information on how to make the most out of your Spray Tan!

Follow through each step and you might prolong your Tan for up to 12 days. Don't miss our Winner Tip at the end of this page!

TT#1 Stay away from heat and humidity

In other words: say no to steam, saunas and long showers with hot water. All these activities will make the cells on the outer layer of your skin expand to the point where the can easily dettach, shortening the life of your beloved Spray Tan.

You can swim in the ocean and swimming pool, just try not to stay in the water for too long (10 minutes maximum), both chlorine and salt water can make your Tan fade faster.

TT#2 Say no to sweat

Always try to carefully remove the sweat on your skin. Here's why:

If you just leave it, the sweats PH might lighten your color in those areas. Some people's sweat is more acidic than others', therefore, you don't want it to have a prolongued contact with your Tan. Besides, remember wet skin cells tend to dettach easier from your body 😱

TT#3 Apply parfum on your clothes (not on your skin)

Parfum generally contains high levels of alcohol, which is one of the most aggresive and skin-dehydrating substances.

So, in order to protect your beautiful tan always apply parfum on your blouse, sweater, jacket and even on your hair - avoiding the skin.

Also, avoid Scented Body Lotions, such as Victoria's Secret™ or Bath & Body Works™, for example.

TT#4 Keep your skin moisturized

To preserve the life of your Spray Tan it is ver very important that you keep your skin nourished and moisturized. When taking a shower, use a Shower Cream (or Oil) instead of bar or liquid soap, since most soap brands contain chemicals that can dry up your skin.

The Body Shop™ Shower Creams hydrate your skin and do not contain any soap 😌.

To protect your Spray Tan, we recommend The Body Shop™ body butters, specially Shea, Hemp and Aloe Vera. Avoid clarifying or lightening creams, these too could lighten your Spray Tan.

TT#5 Self Tanning Lotion can be a great complement

When you get a Spray Tan, you will notice that the color on your face tends to fade faster than on the rest of your body (by the 4th or 5th day) this is because we wash our face more often than we do our body, we apply makeup remover, and so on..

But don't worry, you can turn the magic on again by applying a good quality self-tanning product on your face, and neck if needed.

So, we recommend: Norvell Venetian 4 faces, Luxurious Golden Bronze Airbrush by Fake Bake or Goddess Self Tan by Naked Tan.